I am self taught, I have never gone to school, my journey with art has developed through honesty.

Each piece holds the feeling of a moment in time.
There is a feeling of a period of my life captured in every painting I have made.

For the Art I create it is about balancing aesthetics.

The balance of painting is about listening to the feeling and giving the painting what it needs. In a painting; illustration has a feel, and colour has a feel, and both of these together communicate a feeling. The balance is in following the feeling. “Listening” to each painting and following rules that are created.

The more sensitive I am to listening to
“the voice of the painting” created through illustration and colour pairing, The better the painting will be.

When I start, the canvas is empty and the possibilities are limitless. The moment I choose a colour, the possibilities shrink. The moment I put that colour on the canvas, the possibilities shrink even more. And so, therefore ‘rules’ are decided. Listening to what colours the painting needs is following these rules.

The other side is what is in me. The inspiration, the Drive, the Feeling, the mood, this is what initially starts the ball rolling. But I cannot let it take over a piece. The balance comes with listening to the canvas.


This video was created in 2016 when I shared a pop up shop with Eric Olek on Gramm Ave. It is entitled the Painting process, I go into how I create the art, and the Journey that art took me in 2016.