Original Size: 5'x3'

I was commissioned to do a New York Skyline by Paul Ansloos. I decided to set it in 1912 because Then I could paint sail ships, steam ships, horse and carriage, and the early modle t existing in the same landscape.
This peice took me over 2 years to complete. during that time I had switched from being right handed to left handed. I had also dropped painting and wasnt even sure if I was an artist anymore, but through it, and seeing the other side, now that I am on it, it was an amazing season of growth not only as an artist, but as a person. My style drastically improved through this piece. This piece challenged me, but in the end it became a great joy to work on. There is all kinds of fun little things to discover in this piece, from Waldo to a chimney sweep! Have fun discovering the playful little sense taking place in the Manhattan Harbour.