Original Size: 18x24
I made this as an abstract playful expression of my relationship with Vanessa. A year before I met Vanessa, I had metaphorically 'run my ship a ground' and hit a rock bottom in my life. (Which you can see bottom right of the painting), but then I met Jesus for real, and He put me right with God, and ever since that point I've felt like I've been on a mountain top. In His infinite wisdom, He gave me Vanessa, (top, centre). Ever since we got married, it feels like we are traveling down a waterfall! (bottom, centre). And on the left hand side of the painting, is what perhaps our future will look like! I gave this painting to Vanessa as a wedding present. She loves sea turtles, so I put one by the ship (bottom right).

Prints Available:
Size: 11"x18"
Price: $30
Framed: $50
Contact: josiahkoppanyi@gmail.com if you would like a copy