Size: 16 x 20

This Piece depicts a typical summer day in the eclectic neighbourhood of the Exchange district in Winnipeg MB. This peice was commissioned by Karen Olek, (Eric Olek's mom) for Eric for Christmas. When I thought about doing a painting of 'Friday Knights', the immediate feeling that came to mind was community built around Friday Knights. A store is just a store, but Its the People that make Friday Knights. Eric Olek has always been about making connections with the people in his neighbourhood. For all who know Eric, know that he is a solid friend to have. No matter the turns and bumps in the road, Eric stays loyal to the people in his life, and over time this built the Friday Knights community into what it is. The Friday Knights store has become a hub for us to come hang out and bug Eric while he's trying to work. All the people in this painting key people that he puts up with, but really loves. It was a real joy to make this piece for the big guy. A real labour of love, from Power ranger Tommy on his bike, to disproportional giant Peat on his skateboard. I had a lot of fun making this! Thank you Auntie Karen for commissioning it! It will be interesting to look back at this painting 20 years later.

Prints Available:
Size: 11"x18"
Price: $30
Framed: $50
Contact: if you would like a copy