Medium: Acrylic
Size: 18 x 24
Commissioned piece for Kyle Jadon

In the summer of 2016 I received a vision with this colour pallet with a 1955 Thunderbird turning on to a street. Immediately I began mixing the colours, at the same time I was asked to do live painting on the side walk. I knew this piece would need more time to create, so I found a picture to work off of for the live painting, with the same colours. I ended up creating the "Against the Tide" piece. Kyle Jadon loved the Against the Tide piece, and he bought it, then a year later he commissioned me to do a new piece to the feel of the Bruce Springsteen's Music video: "I'm on Fire" but with the same colours as the "Against the Tide" piece. When I watched the music video, I saw the same 1955 Thunderbird go by as in my vision I received for this colour pallet.
The Vision, confirmed that I was doing was in alignment with what I was supposed to be doing, it gave me amazing inspiration, and direction for working on this piece. As a painter, I believe I have a special gift. God has given me a vision that line up with Kyle's vision, in order for me to be able to bring to life Kyle's vision through my hands.

Prints Available:
Size: 11"x18"
Price: $30
Framed: $50
Contact: if you would like a copy