Size: 3' x 3'
This House stood on the corner of Scott steet, and the back lane of Stradbrook ave, in Osborne Village. I used to live in the area, and this was my favoriete house in the neighbourhood. It was condemned in 2015 and all the neighbours and I were very sad. I made sure to take lots of pictures of this house so I could properly preserve its essence and keep its memory living in this painting. This painting means a lot to me, and to the Cochon neighbourhood.
This painting was Sold to Peter and Lisa Hargraves, they bought the property that the house was built on and built a new building in its stead. They have the painting currently hanging where the house originally once stood.

Prints Available:
Size: 11"x18"
Price: $30
Framed: $60
Contact: if you would like a copy