Size: 18x24

My mom requested that I make this painting for her paster as a present for him! Her pastor's name is Stanford Simon and he is the paster of the Saint George baptist Church in Granada (sgbcgrenada). Stanford is an English name. Stan means Stony, and Ford is a higher place in the river where you can cross and get to the other side. Pastor Stanford Simon has become a high place for many people who need help to get to the other side of the river. In great joyfulness, Stanford has been helping people in any way he can. He provides a sure footing when people face waters that our over their head. Paster Simon gives so much of himself on a daily basis for his congregation so now finally my mom was able to honour him with this painting. When I first made this painting I had no idea that the church's new slogan was 'No on left behind.' and both my mom and I were shocked to find out just how fitting this painting was for their Church! It was amazing to be used to bring joy and purpose to strengthen the Granda Church!