Two Tickets to the Moon

Story Written by Stephanie Stanley and Illustrated by Josiah Koppanyi

"As I lay in my cozy bed all tucked in tight I look out my window at the sky's glowing light."

This is the very first book I’ve ever illustrated, entitled: “Two Tickets to the Moon”. It’s a short story about a little girl that visits the moon with her cat, written by Stephanie Stanley. (Check her out on instagram! @stephaniestanley_) Our initial connection was that we went to the same high school, even though we didn't know each other well, nor did she know I was a full time artist when she contacted me to illustrate her book! The only prompting she had to reach out to me was from a dream! After she had this dream, she looked me up on Facebook and was amazed to discover that I WAS an artist! Not only that, but my art style was a perfect fit for a children's illustrations. We worked together on this project! Any inspiration I had, Stephanie immediately fell in love with. It ended up being a perfect pairing! Her kickstarter page was also a huge success! If you would like to purchase a copy, stay tuned! It's in the workings! 

Stephanie Stanley is a poet and stay-at-home mom from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She loves to cook, bake, run and spend time in nature with her beautiful son and husband. She always dreamed of being an author and after coming across a poem she wrote in her second year of university, she re-wrote it to suit a children's book. In a whimsical adventure to the moon, she plays homage to her own childhood memories, including her orange cat, and writes a permission slip to all dreamers to lead with their hearts.

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